Novita Ariani

Criminology student • Head On-Air • Producer • Announcer • Journalist and Social Media Manager at POV Media

POV Media

For all my news reporting, i had to publish at POV Media

About Me

I'm Novita Ariani as a criminology student from Budi Luhur Univesity. i have learning criminology for look crime from a social perspective, including examining who commits crimes, why they commit them, their impact , and how to prevent them.

I interested in the creative media industry and journalism, and now i get into campus media at Radio Budi Luhur as head on air, producer and announcer. Currently, my achievements is as founder industry media POV Media with my friends. and at POV Media me as journalist and social media manager. 

In my spare time, i like watching K-Drama or MV Kpop, learn new recipes, listen music, read book, and capture pictures.

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